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Request for support in Athlone!

Posted by Support Manager on 10 April 2020 5:45 PM SAST
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Dear Family and Friends 
In response to the Corona virus pandemic, a number of Community Action Networks (CANS) have sprung up all over the peninsula. These are made up of concerned individuals who know what the needs in their respective communities are,  and try to do something to meet these needs.
 I have joined AthloneCan which covers a vast area including Bridgetown, Silvertown, Kewtown, Surry Estate, Heideveld, Manenberg, Rylands and Gatesville. 
While it is heartening to see how people have opened their hearts and wallets in response to the call for compassion and care for those hardest  hit by the pandemic, never has the chasm between the lived realities of the 'haves' and the "have nots' been more glaringly obvious: Flattening the curve demands  frequent handwashing and isolation when millions do not have taps,  sanitation and cannot self isolate because of crowded living conditions. 
Food scarcity has been identified as a major problem by CANS working in underprivileged areas. Unless a family is part of an existing feeding scheme or NGO beneficiary,  they struggle to access state food schemes.
Informal neighbourhood feeding schemes/relief have tried to fill this need but are not well represented and many areas are not covered. The people who try to provide food in their neighboorhood struggle to find donations to fund their projects on a regular basis.
I personally bought soup greens for one such person in Heideveld this week and would like to continue supporting her and others like her to continue their charitable work. (See picture)
 I am aware that all of you already contribute to other charitable organizations, but Im asking for donation  of only R50 to help me to make a difference in this time of  great need. With your help, we can  help to  keep more  people fed during lockdown at least. 
I will personally buy supplies ie vegetables and protein and deliver to the individuals cooking and reflect the amounts spent on  this chat group. 
Please  support by doing an eft into my account. You" ll just have to trust me 😊   Thanking you in anticipation. 

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