Centre for Conflict Resolution

  • Centre for Conflict Resolution, Coornhoop, 2 Dixton Road
  • Observatory, W Cape
  • 7925
  • +021 689 1005

Who are we?

Established in 1968, the Centre for Conflict Resolution (CCR), Cape Town, South Africa, has a long history of policy research, training, mediation, and facilitation that builds on experiences garnered over the past five decades. Since 2003, CCR has worked on a pan-continental basis to strengthen the capacity of African institutions and actors to manage conflicts and build peace. It has also sought to influence and contribute positively to policy and academic debates on African security and governance issues through providing an impartial space for key stakeholders to engage critically and freely in these discussions. Overall, the Centre aims to contribute towards a just and sustainable peace in Africa by promoting constructive, creative, and cooperative approaches to conflict resolution; building the capacity of local, national, and regional bodies to influence peacebuilding in their own communities; and providing support for African interests to be represented effectively in contine

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